My tennis gear

Racquet: 3 x Prince EXO3 Ignite Team 95 (27", 310g with strings) (specs and pics) (In use since 11. Feb 2011)
Strings: Toalson Ultimate 135 Hybrid KV (main: aramid fibres, cross: synthetic; 26-27kg) (Toalson) (specs)
Grip: Wilson Pro Overgip (specs)
Guard: Gamma Racquet head protection tape (specs) (during clay court season)

Shoes, indoor: Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 (size 41) (review)
Shoes, outdoor: Wilson Rush Pro 2.0 (for clay courts, size 41)

Bag: Wilson Pro Staff Super 6 Pack (Lime/White) (Model)

Shorts: Nike dri-fit (white or black) (pic)
T-shirt: Nike dri-fit / Yonex VeryCOOL / Fila or any 100%-polyester T-shirt (pic)
Warm-up: Fila (Navy blue/white) (pic)
Socks: Nike cotton (white or black)
Underwear: Björn Borg

Headband: Cotton bandanas (several colors) (pic)
Eye wear: Bio Flex monthly contact lenses (left: -5.50, right: -5.25, UV-protected) (pic)
Wristband: Wilson double (navy blue, Only on extreme conditions)

My racquet history:
->1980: some wooden Snauwaert (pic)
80 - 84: Wooden Donnay GLM 340 (children length) (pic)
85 - 88: some aluminium Donnay (pic)
89 - 91: some graphite Head (pic, on the left)
91 - 96: Wilson Ultra Ceramic (Tapered beam, midplus at 95sq) (pic)
97 - 11: 2 x Head Radical Tour XL MP (28", 343g unstrung, 356g with strings) (specs) (pic) (pic2)

My shoe history:
2 x Wilson ProStaff DST Carpet (Size 41) (specs)
Prince Scream QT Low (size 40) (specs) (Excellent shoes, but wore out during one indoor season)
2 x Prince M Series MV4 (size 40)
2 x Wilson Rush Pro 2.0 (size 41) (review)
Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 (size 41)

Outdoor clay courts:
Some old model of Wilson DST (Size 41)
Wilson Trance Tour (for clay courts, size 40 1/3, White/Royal/Silver) (specs)

Head Wilson Nike Prince Fila Toalson Gamma Björn Borg

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